Sunday, June 03, 2007

This is me :(

I dont know when it happened.. why it happened.. but i dont know how all of sudden i became so bad in handling my relation.. More im trying to become polite more i m annoying people.. it include all my boss.. my boss's boss.. my near n dears.. M i forgetting how to speak.. or its just the more i am trying to change myself more im becoming confused.. i think politeness is not my cup of coffee.. i was earlier fine.. straight forward.. bindas..aloof.. maintaining distance.. Atleast i was happy... i dont know.. there are so many things going around.. happiness is knocking my door but some forces not letting me open it.. there are complaints.. more complaints.. changes then more changes required.. Is this possible that i forget everything n just live at my own.. i wanna fly... let me fly.. let me forget my relations.. let me forget expectations.. it just me n my life... let me fly..