Monday, August 13, 2007

City that never sleeps..

What i love best in toronto its night life.. Right now we have summers in Toronto.. days are really long, morning 6.00 am to night 10.00 pm and people know how to utilize it in best way. I normally love to go out for evening walk. In India also i used to go around 10 - 10:30 pm.. but there at that time i used to find very few people lazily walking on streets.. most of the people like to watch late night saas-bahu serial then sleep as they have to start there next day.. but here at 10:oo pm road is full of active , well dressed people.. Why i put stress on "Well dressed" is..If you see them you can make out that they are not there just for lazy night walk but they are there with some purpose..which can be spending time with their friends, family or just freaking out.. Every where there is light, music and life.. You can see lots of cars on the street..which need not necessarily going to home after might just contain group of friends listening to great music and njoying each other company... U go to any fitness centre or gym..they would be full of people... I love the energy and enthusiasim around me.. :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Caribana Parade...

Toronto is a place where people from different culture lives and florish...And August is the month of cultural fest.. be it south east asia fest...Irie fest... Dyke parade..pride parade...
If you love Toronto is right place to visit...You get so much vairety in each tht you can not get bored at all... Today i went for Caribana parade.... full of music loved it.. attaching some pics of parade..