Friday, November 14, 2008

Game of Poker

Yesterday nite, I read a small story which I found quite interesting; so, thought of sharing it with you. I have just tried narrating it in my own words.

It was a just another regular day. Judge Judy boarded into first class compartment. He often needed to travel to a small village for judging small cases. Its’ long four hour boring journey which he decided to pass by going thru tomorrow’s case’s papers. He wished no one board into same compartment for disturbing him. But the moment wish passed from his mind there entered a sad looking man name Cannor followed by a priest. Judge Judy was in no mood to start conversation, he decided to go thru his papers whereas sad looking man took out old and pretty worn out cards to play solitaire. He was no good in cards. He had nine of heart in his hand when he could easily place on ten of spade. But he decided to unfold second card which came out to be king of spade. Judge Judy had enough! How can one play so bad game, he had to help him with his cards. With this started conversation and once started, three people, long journey, playing cards, thus perfect situation for game of poker. Judge Judy, with a proud feeling of sharp mind, poker experience had won 30$. Sad looking man, not so lucky in cards, had already lost 10$ and priest had won 10$ for charity. Last few minutes, last game, priest ‘son of god’, with those orphan kids’ luck, managed to win. It was then Judge Judy realized that he had lost almost 50$ in poker game but any way that was for charity.
Next day
Normally small courts get simpler cases only. Judge Judy was finding no difficulty until after noon when this case came. A local shop keeper had filed a case of cheating and fraud. Shop keeper was traveling thru the train when he met the ‘accused’ and a farmer. As conversation started, they began playing poker. Shop keeper being good in poker was winning in beginning but lately all of sudden he started losing. It was then his suspicion grew and he called railway police. Accused was none other then sad looking man Cannor ! Cannor wished to defend his own case. First witness was railway police whom shop keeper had contacted. Second one was detective who told how he was sure that cheating was done. He told that all big cards like kings, queens were modified i.e. they were not straight and had little cut at corner. He also told about other small symbols. To this Cannor defended saying that he was innocent and he got those cards from one of the pub. Someone had left those cards there. Then, he took the permission to cross examine the shop keeper. 'Who was the one to start the conversation?' he asked shop keeper. To which shop keeper replied that Cannor was playing solitaire, he was so bad that he had to interrupt. Then Cannor asked who suggested playing poker; to which shop keeper agreed that since it was long journey he did. Cannor next asked who suggested play for money; shop keeper said that he was not sure but may be he did. Then, cheat do not loose money!! do they? this was the final stroke Cannor played by asking 'If he won any thing?'. Shop keeper admitted that Cannor himself lost 8$; it was farmer who won all the money. Case was clear, Cannor was not guilty. Court was adjourned. Judge and shop keeper came out. They saw a black BMW standing outside the court. At wheel was Cannor! Sitting beside was a man wearing black dress.

'Why other person was dressed like that', asked shop keeper. 'Because he is a priest' said Judy. 'He never is' said shop keeper angrily 'he is a farmer!!'.


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