Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Office Politics.....

No im not having much expeirience but when i saw my roommate crying because of his some stupid reminded me of my first project... The project with each i started my career.. which at that time had stolen all the fun from my life.. which made me miss my collage life like ath...but after 1 year of creeping..if i look back i feel that that project had actually helped me in getting much mature to office environment....n prepared me for all kind of people...few things i learned are ---

hard working but weak are always over used..thou u got lot of praise from ur seniors but deep inside u never get feeling of satisfaction....

Never fear of appraisal..always be strong....if u r having guts and u know people need one can harm u..

Always maintain PR - Public relations..there is no problem in putting in slight extra effort for it ..its worth..

Always be sure of urself... There is no use of taking tensions becoz of ur collegues or bose... if u r important they will definetly take care of u... if u r not important then anyways they are gonna screw ur appraisal..

Always remember - never have the feeling tht... without u, ur company wont be able to survive..At least in big organisations.. no one cares for u..and there is always gud oppurtunities outside...So dnt get sentimental..

U r married to ur family not to ur company....

And for gals specially.. never try to be super women.. trying to be gud at home as well as work... Understand ur limit.... other wise soon u will get tired...

I know i ve not learn ath new..but still.. i think i can handle some situations in better way.. i dont have any much expectations from my employer... i m not saying tht everyone is bad..I am very happy in my current organisation..with my current team... n being strong doesn't mean being rude... maintain PRs but one thing which is most important is u sud be satisfied at end of day.. Ur office environment should not harm ur home environment....

LUV IS.....

Luv Is falling in LUV with same person again and again......:-)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Life goes on...

I am getting senti.. reason..tomorrow is a weekend..n none of my friend is around me..i was so happy when i came to hyderabad..apart from my luv we had so many caring and luving friends around... These 8th month flew like ath..As financial ended it brought with it time for appraisal , promotions, transfers, job change..... I am happy for all my friends who get promoted.. transfered for good or changed job with almost 42 % hike..but this is also true tht i m missing them like ath..

But life goes has to be like one stops for anyone.. no one should..even i wont.. Now its again time to form a new group... news frnds.. but this time this is slightly different.. with my old frnds, gone fun of my worry free bindas bachelor my new circle is having mostly married people with there own ambition..own tensions.. own life..will it again contain same warmth which was there earlier?? m not sure.. now our talk is getting shifted from gals, movies, hotels to home, car, money...

But life goes on..

Friday, May 05, 2006

All it takes to be happy

A winter evening. Four friends. One barsaat. Four glasses of chai.

Hundred bucks of gas. A rusty old bike. And an open road.

Maggi noodles. A hostel room. 4.25 a.m.

3 old friends. 3 separate cities. 3 coffee mugs. 1 internet messenger.

Rain on a hot tin roof. Pakoras deep-frying. Neighbours dropping in. A party.

You and mom. A summer night. A bottle of coconut oil. A head massage. Gossiping about absent family members.

You can spend hundreds on birthdays, thousands on festivals, lakhs on weddings, but to celebrate all you have to spend is your Time.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Irony .....

So finally S geeting married with B..Just few min back i got this news...I knew tht long back thts gonna happen..but tht gal never agreed to it..everytime same thing..we are just frnds..we cant marry..he is from diff caste or my parents wont agree to it..or please dont tell this kind of stuff to me..
I dont know y people are afraid to accept the fact that they are in luv with some person..y still they believe tht they are doing sth wrong by selecting there own life partner... or they are guilty of deprieving there parents from right of selecting some one for them..
Just coz of this feeling i ve seen many people supressing there feelings..or comprising in life..
U cannot live even one day without calling tht person but u can think of spending whole life without him..just few min back i was reading this article..nice points

She needs him when she is new to the city.
She needs his help in finding out a PG or hostel for her
She makes him prepare a good-format-CV for her
She needs him to drop her to the venue of a walk-in interview
She expects him to collect all the consultants' mail ids
She needs him while preparing for the interviews
She needs his help in identifying HER skill sets, strengths and weakness!
She wants him to conduct a mock-interview for her!
She gives her yahoo mail id password so that he can forward her CV to consultants through internet in his office (in office hours!)
She needs him for boosting her confidence when she fails in the 1 st written test in her life
She wants him to take her to Shopping mall or grocery store..
She needs his company while visiting all the temples though he is not a believer of God.
She asks his opinions on importance of marriage
She wants him to be a shoulder to cry when her parents force her for marriage
She needs his help in preparing her mind for the first interview with a guy
She needs his help in deciding about the marriage proposal
She loves to share her happiness with him when she gets engaged
She expects him to attend her marriage (Come on guys, he is a true friend of her!)

HE :
He loves her.
He cares for her.
Whatever he is today; it is only because of her entry in to his life.
He treats her as his life.
She changed him.
It is only because of her, he is smiling.
It is only because of her, he has forgotten the past bitter experiences.
She is the first person in his life to influence him so much.
He was the " bhatka hua musafir" and she came as his "manzil".
He threw the cigarette in the dust-bin because of her.
He has cultivated a positive attitude towards marriage and family because of her.
She is the perfect Indian woman he has ever seen.
He keeps a photo of Lord Krishna in his purse now; only because of her (also it is her favorite deity!).
Weekends come and go without his notice; it is only because of her.
He stopped going to office on Weekends; it is only because of her.
Onsite project was his dream; he puts all his efforts now, not to get an onsite assignment but to get a job for her

The girl depends on the guy as if she never lived and can never live without him. Guy behaves as if he has taken birth on this earth only to care for that lady. She treats him as a shoulder to cry and he treats her as a puppy in a rain storm. She loves to depend and he loves to take care, finally they fall in so called "love", ultimately adding an unnecessary trauma to life. Girls want a perfect life partner but they don't want to hurt their parents' feelings, guys know that they can't get her but still they want to care for her(because they want her to be happy wherever she is and with whoever she is).Great! Or shall I say crap!

Or I think no need to be so serious about it.

She gets engaged, life goes on...
Long lasting phone calls become short and sweet, life goes on...
A heart which was used to "Good morning" SMSs learns to be happy with just the "Happy weekend" SMSs, life goes on...
No more "Unread messages" in the yahoo mail, life goes on...
No one to share coffee at "Barista" at the end of a tiring working day, life goes on...
No more consultants' calls to be diverted and life goes on...
He starts smoking again, life goes on...
He is still living in flashback, and no looking back for her, but life goes on...
He gets promoted, he is a manager, she is mother of two kids, and life goes on...
He is in his late twenties, happily married to a beautiful, understanding, mature, caring, broad minded wife! Anyway life goes on...