Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy Birth Day to me..:)

To all who are my new friends.. 19th feb was my Birth day :).. To others who are my old friends and remember my birth date ..thankoo... :) To those who are my frnds n forgot my birth date :(..

Well 19 th was my birth day..:) I had gr88 time with my Hubby and my In- Laws who came down to hyderabad to give me a pleasant surprise.. :).. It was a gr88 feeling.. They did everything to make my birth day special... We went outside in day time and at nite..Mummy papa cooked dal baati n churma for us.. I loved it..

So i will like to thank my hubby, mom n dad , and my all other frnds who called me to make my day special.. Thanku all....