Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Millions are flying.. its no longer a dream...

Air Deccan!!! I was travelling thru DN608 Del-Hyd.. when i saw this Deccan Promos.. It was about a old carpenter whose son send him the Flight ticket.. and this ticket took him to his past when he designed a wooden aeroplane for his son who was too much fascinated by picture of same. The happiness on the face of tht old farmer reminded me of old couple who was also travelling for first time .. The happiness and nervousness they felt when they were first time travelling by aeroplane was clearly visble on there face.. They very happily told me tht there son has sent them ticket..and he was working in some MNC in Hyd..and if i want he can help me anytime i need... They were also given lots of advices. They brought toffees with them as some one has told them that it help in reducing air pressure that built on ear while takeoff and landing. Also cotton buds.. The way aunty was looking at air hostess was funny...

Its actually true how these cheaper airlines had change our life.. ealier people use to travel 27 hr in train with out any we complain for even 30 min delay.. we curse Air deccan.. for not providing food or some times service but still prefer travelling thru it.. It actually forced other airlines to reduce money.. I remember my time also when i started earning . We people were so excited to spent our salary on flight even when it was costing us fortune and becoz of no direct flight was almost taking same time as train....!!

Thanks to air deccan which started culture of cheap air tickets and flying is no longer a dream...!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Mr & Mrs Khandelwal...

Its strange that how much life changes after marriage... Since i knew DK much b4 marriage.. and was already taking care of most of the things.. i never thought i will also suddenly start feeling pressure of married life.. Its both positive and negative...

Some of the positive changes...
1) We suddenly started getting lot of lunch and dinner invitations from our married friends..
2) Lots of family get together..
3) Gals suddenly started feeling more safe with DK*( Just like in pyar ke side effects ;))
4) I got new microwave.. for making my life easier..
5) My all expenses are officially taken care by DK (;0) poor he..)
6) I got lot of cosmetics and new sandles..which i wud have never bought otherwise..:D
7) DK is officially using my he can anytime attend my phone..n i dont need to shut my mouth when his parents call.. ;O)

Negative changes :(
1) All of sudden everyone is expecting us to grow up..
2) Its common assumption that i sud be a good cook and should be doing all cooking myself ( which i occasionaly experiment :( )
3) My relation ship with my parents slightly changed..:(( they call my hubby with more respect and expect me to do so.. Men!! he was my classmate only.. it look funny to call him aap.. lenge kahyenge..aayenge.. so whenever im talking with my parents.. there is lot difference while addressing the same person..
4) We have started caring for expenses and parents have stop.. That is very unlikely ..Always parents use to give lecture on saving money and now they only say "Kama kiske liye rahe hai " ( why are we earning..). And we say y are u spending so much........!!
5) Earlier i use to travel in bus and they didn't mind but all of sudden now they want me to travel in car only..!!!!!! they want me to buy a car.
6) Worst of all everytime i go home.. My parents do give gift or money to me and my hubby.. which i seriously hate.. For 21 years they had spent ther hard earned money on us.. Now its time to stop..

* Im not jealous..