Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Weekness :)

Recently i recognise my week point.. i know after seeing the pic u will think wht is new in tht.. all gals have same weekness.. but mind it.. i never thought i was in that group.. Infact till few days ago i used to think tht i dont like shopping at all.. I remember how i shopped for my marriage.. thanks to my parents who brought most of the things for me.. I m a instant buyer.. u cant expect me to change numerous clothes just to choose one.. and if there is queue outside trial room.. then forget it.. no matters even if they are offering 50% discount...

Hmm... Nope u guess wrong again.. this post is not about Hating shopping . :) Well its bout places where my will power really go week.. n i had to shop..
1) Shilparamam - actually its one stop for all good handicrafts and decorating items.. Oh i can buy half of the things supplied there... I really luv to decorate my house.. thou i equally hate dusting and other stuff... but still it can't stop me from buying things..:)

2) Walden - its basically one stop for all stationary items.. I luv colors.. be it crayons.. or fabric paints.. sketch books.. color papers ... sketch books.. i every time end up spending my all sodexos in one short..

3) recently found.. but not tht much week.. a shop called cool fab.. which actually keep cool looking western wears.. i luv seeing things.. thou again i cant try 100s of cloth for buying one..
Its a place where u easily get ur stuff..

So wht's ur week point ?

Monday, November 20, 2006

I luv Traffic Jams..:)

Nope you haven't read it wrong.. i really love traffic jams.. Thts the best thing to face in the morning.. :) reasons :-

1) Jams make people to keep patience.. there is no unnecessary honking, which people do to over take other.. here since there is no need of honking.. u slowly and steadily keep moving..

2) There is no trafffice nusance.. hence lesser of accidents..u keep on slowly moving ur vehicle here and there so no sharp left or right overtaking.. man i tell u hyd traffic is really rough.. its better to drive in Jams then without jam..

3) It sharpens ur brain!!!! Ya it really do.. its actually like playing video games live.. u need to keep in mind ur width and length..then u annalyze whether wud u be able to shrink ur vehicle in tht place..without denting others vehicle.. then if u can carefully take some sharp seps u might be able to cross few vehicle taking u more nearer to signal that is victory..:) hey n how many red and green lights u took b4 crossing that signal..;)

4) You can have better look on shops and advertisement on the road.. thus next time someone ask u about a shop ..u can tell on which signal u saw the shop..

5) Better planning of day.. u can actually plan out lots of things while standing in traffic doing nth except moving ur brain..

6) If u r not a newspaper reader.. then it can actually help u developing that habbit.. u will read each and every line of newspaper while standing in traffic..

7) Most common reason u can tell ur boss for reaching late to office..;)

8) N also u get better chance of finding partner for dating.. just next time u see someone u can strt interacting..she/he can't do ath except listening to u...

Infact im sure in near future u will have ur project meetings or other imp meetings at signal only..Thus better utilization of traffic jams. you will soon find Jams restuarant and Jams cafe house.. and also Jams marriage beureau.. See it not so bad right..!!