Saturday, October 13, 2007

Time to say goodbye...

Five month back i landed this place strugling with my dreams, ambitions, emotions... If you remember just a few post back.. i said..i wanna fly..touch the sky... thanks to all my blog friends.. i really njoyed my 5 months here... i lived the life like never before.. i think i was able to give new shape and direction to my career path.... i was able to realise my dreams.. now i know what i want for my professional i have goals again... so when today its time to say good bye.. i am fully satisfied... just wanna go back...just wanna be with my family..wanna spend some time decorating my house...n persue my dreams...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Love Picasa...

For those who don't know picasa is a tool provided by Google for picture editing.. It can do miracle to your pics.. thou i m still experimenting its power.. but for those who haven't tried it and love photography.. Try It!!!!!!!!! and its free :)

Below is the original pic.. believe me it was more clearer then shown here :(

After i croped it, see i told you it was more clearer :) i got those fine lines really nice.. Full size image looks wonderful..

And a experiment

N Painting effect ..

Another one.. I am loving it..

PS : I am sorry if i hurt someone's feeling ..its not that im playing with photographs... i think frustation with my camera made me experiment...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wish Come true..

Once upon a time, there was a gal madly in love with this guy.. But was too shy to ask.. She used to dream to be with this guy.. but was not sure whether her wish will ever come true.. Her eyes would be looking for her man in blue.. But the moment he comes into picture.. she pretends to be normal with abnormal heart beat.. praying god that guy have not notice anything in her eyes.. But luckily guy noticed.. One fine day he proposed that gal.. N there onwards life changed completely.. I have experienced every emotions of love.. Have sang each n every song.. ;) My wish came true.. Today, I m celebrating my first wedding anniversary…. As I look back.. it appears kahani puri filmi hai ;) but I had a gr88 time.. n I really thank god.. that today I am with my dream man..:)

Tare hai barati aur chandini yeah baraat.. satho phere honge ab hathon mein lekar hath..

Jeevan sathi hum diya aur baati hum..:)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Salute to Indian Spirit...

Next day after Hydearbad chain bomb blast, ( For those who don't know.. there were three major bomb blast in main public area..killing hundreds and other 21 unexploded bombs were found in diiferent areas..) , one of my colleague in Toronto asked.. Isn't this bomb blast a big thing for you people... he was surprised to see full attendance in office next day working normal.. according to him had there been bomb blast in Toronto..he would have not come out for days.. n forget to visit a public place.. .I dont think i have to say anything.. a banner during vinayak chaturthi says it all...