Friday, September 21, 2007

Mother Nature at its best...

When mother nature decides to be at its camera is your eyes and best hard disk is human brain..:) Autumn has started in Canada.. It is the time when 'Fall' colours start to show their glorious shades of reds and yellow... Maple leaf starts changing color around mid of september.. and finally fall by mid of october.. they change colors like green to yellow to orange, then light red ,finally dark red.. It seems that mother nature wear all colors before wrapping her self in complete white.. I tried to catch as many colors i can.. For your eyes..

Monday, September 10, 2007

Evening at Toronto...

I took this pic on one of the beautiful evening in Toronto....

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Biggest Rolla coaster......
Today i went to CNE air show.. it was wonderful.. there were fighter planes , jet planes even normal flights.....There were planes which travel almost at speed of sound.. infact i should say faster then speed of sound.. because we were trying to follow the sound and by that time plane had already gone..;)... The unbelievable display by the planes made me think of all dangerous rollacoster rides we saw in wonderland.. i took few of the rides but for others i seriously thought that only crazy people might be going for those.... but here at CNE.. i forget everything .. oh my god this would be the best rolla coaster experience.. The planes were flying wing-to-wing, got into tight formations, performed rolls and much more.

Once again i really got frustated with my camera...i have normal sony digital camera.. today i was able to understand what they mean when they say words like high speed, good focal point, high defination, good optical zoom, image stablization.. my camera have none .:(
I would be waiting for taking a single shot.. n by the time i will get my camera clicked.. planes would already be gone.. And i could hear 'click click' of the next person's camera... Man i really envy him.. You should have seen the camera.. Gr88 zoom ..great speed... for me after one pic, i have to literally wait for 5 sec to catch other one.. where as for him it was click click click.. :(
I really wanna buy new camera..suggest me a good one.. till then njoi few pics which i finally was able to click..

And the best award goes to ....... :D