Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stress Buster

After going thru lots of stress management articles, I feel, I have come up with my own stress busting theory. That is, if things are not going your way then instead of shouting and creating chaos just go silent. Advantages are:

1) You will be able to conserve the energy. Hence, compensating the energy consumed by the stress.
2) You may be able to prevent further stress caused by the wrong words which normally comes out of one’s mouth when he/she is irritated.
3) It will give you time to think. You may be able to focus on way to come out of present situation.
4) You will feel good to find that people who initially used to complaint about your high pitch voice have suddenly started missing it

So Sshhhh…….


At 04 December, 2008, Blogger Thenraj said...

Thats a good piece of advice...i think i have to follow this in my life.....

At 14 January, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 23 February, 2009, Blogger chitra said...


Belated Happy Birthday, dear.


At 02 March, 2009, Anonymous bengalooru said...

Can I have your mobile number?

At 01 April, 2009, Blogger ReadnRyte said...

There is no proven way to eliminate stress...but singing n dancing n following any passion that consumes you are said to help you deal with the everyday stresses n mundaneness of life.

...of course, a good heart laugh can also help :)


At 01 June, 2009, Blogger djdumass said...

Hmmm... Silence will still keep the stress inside! Think of stress as the steam engine; unless you shout, the steam aint out!! :)

At 07 June, 2009, Blogger Escapist said...

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At 06 December, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10 January, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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