Thursday, June 01, 2006

Onsite Bug..

Onsite .. This is the first bug which every employee gets as he enters s/w profession... His/her all energy get focus to one pt only..How to go onsite... He works for it.. He dreams for it... He lives for it.. Onsite opportunity become a carrot in hand of ur employer.. Which he use very effectively for getting work done from U... Every time u think of resign or other opportunity.. Employer shows u the carrot... Ath critical comes in project , carrot is used... This carrot is essential to keep u running in monotonous s/w race...

If we ask y one wanna go onsite... Then we can hear all the kind of explanation.. I wanna buy car..I need onsite..Hey im investing in house I need money..Hey I want America return tag with me to find a life partner.. Just for fun..I wanna see new places..But fact is every one wanna go.. im not a exception...

Three times in my three years I came very near to chance of my onsite opportunity..But miss it..Every time I tell my frnds and relatives tht I will be going soon..But sth happens.. I ve never tried myself for onsite..But I accept the fact tht this word onsite do brings a gr88 excitement in my life..Disturbing every thing else..

when I left my previous organization.. I cud have got onsite.. But I thought other things are more important to me.. I reach hyd.. I was leaving very calm life when again this Tornado named onsite came to disturb my peaceful life.. I was getting ready for my marriage.. tht suddenly it came n delayed everything.... I m not sure whether I m going or not.. But fact is this tornado again brought a excitement in my life..Followed by restlessness.. n followed by frustation... It disturbed my peace of again when im seeing my frnds going onsite..I feel jealous... I again need to carry all my will power to again forget every thing...

This carrot has to be used very carefully by managers.. becoz not in all case in brings motivation..for me it bring frustation..:-((


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