Friday, April 07, 2006

Jiska mujhe tha intezar..jiske liye dil tha bekarar..woh gadi aa gayi aa gayi...;-D...

My engagement!!!!!...finally the time has come....M going home tomorrow.....Hurray!!!
I have done lots of shopping..tried matching everything from lipstick to footwear....from juti to kurta(for my bride groom) bank balance crashed like share market..:-))

Taken care of almost every thing..even the pimples on my face..n now when D day is coming near..i can feel butterflies in my stomach...i dont wanna get ready or come out of my house...
Hey mine is Luv lot luck then many of us who dont even know there bride groom..but im still very nervous..

i always felt tht since i know so much bout my marige wont have much impact on my life..but now i wanna really preserve my spinster life..its looking as if im taking too big step..n is almost uncertain bout it..but nyway..i think this day comes in every person i sud relax..
n try to follow elder's wish...


At 14 April, 2006, Blogger angada said...

all the best girl and to your man - khandoo!


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