Thursday, September 21, 2006

I dont know wht is expectation and wht is over expectation.. is luv just about giving........ i thought luv is about making other person feel like prince or princess.. why m i wide awake at 1:20 in the nite.. y i took pain for so many days... wht i got.. was i responsible.. he says i dont understand his work.. but m i not working for three years.. haven't i seen loosers n gainers in this field.. i ve seen work alcholic people too.. i ve seen fundoo people too.. i ve seen people who just believe in show off.. dont i know ath of this industry.. im working..and i m proud that my office treat me as human being who is bounded by relation.. in my office too.. i have seen people with 5 rating.. but still i think they value there family...

Never be too loyal to ur company.. u r married to a human not ur company... if u were married to ur company y dont she looks after u when u r in pain.. y dont she satisfies u when u r in need..
For it everything is just appraisal...and final hike bounded by comapny policy.. when u sacrifice ur family life can it satisfy its policies.. whenever its question of mid term promotion, onsite, or yearly hike.. then at same time budget and comapny policies come between.. but for u when its question of making u r partner happy.. do we think same thing.. then who is important..

may be im at this moment just sounding like sentimental fool.. may be at other moment i will be again practical person.. but i just know tht im feeling pain... im feeling ignored.. i m feeling hated...


At 24 September, 2006, Blogger indianangel said...

100% correct I agree with you totally on this! We need to take more time off with our beloved ones, make it a mandatory practice not to go to office on weekends! Very nice post yaar!


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