Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My Sketches

I was finally able to publish my sketches. Thanks to digi cam.. earlier i had to wait for getting each scanned..but now just a click away.. thou it is not much clarity..but still im okie.. U can also visit it either using below given address or just clicking MY sketches likn on right..

All comments are welcomed.. they will help me in improving..:)


At 13 July, 2006, Blogger endevourme said...

this is a new discovery for me!
u are really good in drawing sketches :-)
i cant do painting and all :- (
i do photography, but with drawing u can do imaginary things , i cannot do that in photography ...
i really liked he sleeping beauty...its too good...
keep it up!

btw-digicam photos also look good,
they look yellowish, so look like old paintings :-)

At 13 July, 2006, Blogger Has to be me said...

Pritika those were all absolutely beautiful. Well done. I do more of painting than sketches. Some of ur sketches were just too good esp Sadhana, rajasthani boy etc. Keep it up & hope 2 c more of them soon! :)

At 13 July, 2006, Blogger Pritika Gupta said...

Hi People.. thanks for liking my sketches..:).. upto now sleeping beauty has got maximum votes, followed by rajisthani boy..chui mui.. my n dheeraj portrait.. But my fav sketch yet to come..will download it soon..:)

At 12 August, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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