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Sunaina- Gal with a beautiful eyes.. glowing face but dark complexion.. Tarun - Boy with dimple smile..mischievious eyes - Fair kashmiri pandit.. This is a story about two people studying in same institution.. There classmates always linked there names not becoz they liked each other or for any other chemistry but simply becoz they had opposite complexions (sigh…). On other side Sunaina and Tarun had never talked to each other.. not until last day of their collage .. and tht too becoz they came to station to see off there best friends... For three years people have taken there name together thou for teasing only... but continuous call of same name had a gravity and this lead in zeal of knowing each other’s feelings for Sunaina and Tarun... they decided to write wht they actually felt about each other in these three years.. For them, it was first and last time they talked.... But as usual in very filmy way.. they had sth else in there fate.. there search for job landed them in same place.. there necessecity and struggle bring them back in contact.. so the two people who never talked in 3 years became best buddy in 3 months.. they started talking to each other for hours ..sharing there thoughts…they had lot of similarities…a common career goal.. both preparing for GRE.. passion for music and careful nature for each other…they started sharing everything.. starting from there professional life to personal problem.. But can a guy n gal be only friends (specially when neither of them is engaged) ..Sunaina started falling for Tarun.. Tarun also developed a soft corner for Sunaina... is this LUV???.. Love to me is frndship.. i will always like tht my luver should be my best friend also.. does that mean that Sunaina and Tarun are made for each other (which honestly they started feeling in their heart)…
It is real life not a three hour movie.. they had various odds in there relationship..
Tarun a pure veggie kashmiri pandit Sunaina a bengali non-vegie gal..No food not problem at all... as Sunaina had left non veg.. :)

Tarun was a social person.. for him society came first then his own feeling.. and
He can not become laughter symbol for fair n dark pair.. not all are tht bold to outcast the society…i dnt know why people are so bothered if a gal is dark…why not people question if a boy is dark and gal is fair..why it is so difficult to accept???
Secondly.. Tarun’s parents wil not allow out of caste marriage.. in today's world does caste system matters..??
Third.. Tarun’s EGO… Sunaina got into GRE.. but he could not….

So, does that mean Tarun and Sunaina will part or marry…a billion dollar decision for them and after a long discussion which happened for months they decided…?????

As I mentioned this is a real life… wht happened was sad… Tarun n Sunaina decided to Part…. Leaving tht gal brokern..even when it was not her fault…. Tarun also disturbed.. but life goes on.. This is the dilemma of life.. U can not always follow your heart……:(


At 05 July, 2006, Blogger endevourme said...

the story is sad, but narration is really too good,
i really liked it. u have written out so fluidly!

i think they should have thought about these things erlier,
things wud be much simpler na then?

At 05 July, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pritika, very touching but very sad. Such people can never be happy in life. A girl can still manage to adjust with fate but I don't think a boy can forgive himself for that.

At 05 July, 2006, Blogger Pritika Gupta said...

hi endevourme and saroj.. I know tht was sad....but it was actually very difficult to suggest them any other things.. thou i actually feel tht luv can soon overcome these difficulties.. but it need guts..not every one have tht

At 05 July, 2006, Blogger endevourme said...

/-forgive himself for that?
i guess splitting was a mutual decision,
it not like boy quits girl.
why he should feel guilty?

At 05 July, 2006, Blogger Pritika Gupta said...

mm...endevourme.. truely speaking it was more of boy's decision.. coz he had fear of society n parents.. Sunaina had to set her luv free..

At 05 July, 2006, Blogger Pritika Gupta said...

i think they should have thought about these things erlier,
things wud be much simpler na then?
.. Nope.. this luv story didnt begn from boy proposing gal or vice versa.. it was just tht chemistry b/w them turn out good and comfort begin.. They always tried to make them believe tht they are just frnds.. but it just like aa hi jata hai dil jispe aana hota hai.. LUV is very strong emotion.. it can make ur life.. it can destroy ur life..

At 05 July, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


By reading the story what I could make out is that girl was willing to continue the relationship but the boy was hesitant because of her cast, her colour...

You know in north India Colour of skin matters a lot. Every one wants a fair wife. I have brown skin, but my sisters are fair. I still remember my relatives talking to my parents that it will be difficult to get a groom for me (when I was very young).

At 05 July, 2006, Blogger Has to be me said...

Tho this is sad I think they did good by parting. Cos if they were to live together they wud only make things worse for both of them & their families. Esp considering that Tarun has a bit of the male ego.....Atleast let them part & be happy.....hopefully with a better partner. Esp that shes been doing much for him by qutting NV etc...if he cant appreciate these things theres no point in them living together.
BTW is this a true story?

At 05 July, 2006, Blogger endevourme said...

i think this was not real love then,
"just if it works OK,
else chaltaa hain"
otherwise they have to decide priorities,
if love is highest priority,
they togather shud fight with everything else....

is this a real story?

/- but the boy was hesitant because of her cast...
if this is true, its a real mistake from his side.
i think both are not prepared mentally for
consequences of their love.

At 05 July, 2006, Blogger Pritika Gupta said...

Luv is not always the fun ..infact most of time its pain.. They didnt got together becoz of luv.. it was frndship.. so they never had a choice ki if it works then okie..else chalega..but ven frndship started converting into luv.. then the pain came... Everyone have there priorities.. Tarun had his...So im not blaming anyone..

At 05 July, 2006, Blogger Pritika Gupta said...

/has to be me..
Ya i also feel they did good by parting.. atleast now they are able to carry there life fwd.. this dilemma had seriously affected there life.. now thou pain n memories are there.. but atleast tht faint hope.. which was making these people struggle had ended..

At 05 July, 2006, Blogger Sandeep Warikoo said...

Return of misery

Sunaina left India in order to pursue MS in USA. Since she had a good academic record and high GRE score, she managed to get admission in Carnegie Mellon Universities. Joy of getting admission in a great university and dedication towards her studies soon made her to forget her unforgettable past. After six months came another guy in her life. His name was Williams, and he belonged to Afro-American community. Soon they fall in love and got married after Sunaina graduated from CMU. And then they lived hapily afterwords............ until 6 years later, Sunaina again meets Tarun.

Tarun, after the break-up, found solace in studies, he studied hard. After one year he managed to clear CAT and got admission in IIM-A. Even there since he had no other desire left, gave everything to studies, worked hard, and finally got recruited in the best financial company in USA. They offered him astonishing package of 3 thousand dollars per year. Tarun became rich over-night, still he never was really happy. His happiness always was with Sunaina. Years after years passed... He did extremely well at job, but still was never really happy. Somehow he began to forget Sunaina and seemed to be returnig back to normal life until .. that day .... when he again met Sunaina..........

At 05 July, 2006, Blogger Pritika Gupta said...

Sandeep... Man gr88 creativity.. so gave me reason for writting sequel to original story..just like spiderman too.. u will soon find Dilemmma - 2.. kahani puri filmi hai;)

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